Morning and school

For some people, leaving the house is as easy as opening the front door and stepping outside. For autism  kids is extra challenges. 

I am asking autism  perent what a typical morning trying to leave the house felt like: 

"My morning is going up and down, sometimes good sometimes it’s a mess a hole lot of mess I have to plan a head so I can try to have a smooth morning and out the door  and all is good with a lot of work. Then you realize that you have to go out. Suddenly time goes in slow and fast motion all at once. It doesn’t matter at that moment leaving the house could be something you are looking forward to or dreading. It is the action of having to leave the house that is Then comes the need to run through your route to get where you are going. This can be anxiety. 

You realize that somehow you have now lost lots of time and before you realize it you are suddenly running late. You can’t leave the house without following certain procedures and now you have your child telling you that they  are going to be late for school and mommy you need to hurry up. Only if he know he is the one actually make you late This doesn’t help because now there is an extra layer of anxiety which you are unable to process and will most likely respond in some type of a way. 

 before leaving the house I try to end the  battling with Brad so I don’t get the meltdown. " 

So when schools give awards to students for being punctual, and punish those who are late, what they are actually doing for those diagnosed with autism diagnosis is punishing them for having a disability. 

If schools welcomed autism  children with warmth and congratulated them for making it there, they would feel far more accepted and worthy. Their self esteem would be higher and they would work harder. 

Attendance and punctuation with autism kids is very hard to get them though that door every morning can be a challenge so rewards your self when you get your kids to school on time 

So let me know how you get though the door every morning with a AUTISM ADHD AND HIGH LEVEL  anxiety child may be your routine could help me are someone else   .