Back to School and COVID-19 

My Back to School and  COVID-19

What was once a place to sleep, eat, home is now also a place to call school due to a worldwide pandemic. Are students, teachers, and parents ready to incorporate school as their virtual reality at home? I have never experienced something like this in my life. This is going down in history as the best test of strength all over the world.

I think the new school setting is the change we need in order to keep everyone safe. Online classes may create new challenges for students but is a safer route to continue education instead of potentially contracting this deadly virus. My thoughts are that kids will have a deeper understanding of technology and how important socialization is. This is the time that families have to be stronger than ever. Parents will have to become teachers, students will have to learn self-discipline, and teachers will be put to the test on their technological abilities while instructing classes.

The world is experiencing this pandemic in many stressful ways. With an unstable household, I can’t imagine the difficulties and struggles that particular students will be presented with while school is mandatory to attend at home.What can students who have a crowded and distracting household do to concentrate on their online classes? I hope obstacles at home can access and to maintain academic stability.

We have to stay strong  Livebeyondautism