Being a working mom is difficult


Being a working mom is difficult. full time working mom is hard. You have to figure out a way to balance all of your household duties, children, husband and anything else that’s tossed at you, all the while making a living for your family. 

Working too much are not too much has become quite popular for moms who have autism kids but still need to make money. I would love to work as home moms so that i can truly learn quicker ways to manage it all and have time to help my son with reading doing math and have me some me time. just that moments. I could do better making sche


The key to having more time in the day as a work from home mom is to make a schedule and stick to it! Using a block schedule where you assign specific times of the day to various tasks, including your work tasks, will help you stay on track with work and other duties so as long as you hold yourself accountable to not stray from this schedule and if you must stray slightly, make it a good reason. this is why I would love to work from home 

work from home are going in the office are doing both what are the best choice