best support moms of autism son

 When my son got his autism diagnosis, one of the first things I needed was support. And one of the first things I did? I started looking for resources in my area however there was no support. The only support was me and my husband on how to create and nurture a strong support system. As a parent of an autism  child, this was one of the most important things I could have done. So now, I want to share this to the world and  with everyone our journey.

As a mom we often see what we want to see, but the true is we have to fight for our kids to get support help and to understand our child needs but not always, we are one who holds the family together.

Mom and dad  is the strong foundation for our kids, we are the glue. We are the keeper of the family. We are the caregiver. We are also the provider or the breadwinner. 

And guess what… Am still struggling. And may not always recognize it this is for real. I may not always say it aloud. I  may not always ask for help.

But am still fine help for my son

The sleepless nights.

 tears eyes .

 constant worries.

Still outward but I have to maintain strong.

I  insist  myself that I can handle autism.

When you ask me I may tell you that nothing is wrong. 

Some days, it may be difficult for us to get to put it out there that we need help for son especially the meltdown his anxiety not to mention ADHD but we have to keep pushing for our boy.

He is a good kids but Florida especially the county that am in doesn’t help much I have learned Encouragement strengthen labor.

Some nights, we may not sleep.

Some moments, I may wonder if it’s all going to work out.

We still struggling. But we have to stay strong. And we will get through this.

How do I know?

Because I am that mom.

Because I know.

Because I struggled. 

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