Aggressive behaviors


Aggressive behaviors are one of the biggest struggles that parents of Autism  children face, but unfortunately, we have  to “eliminate the behavior”. 

The problem is, aggression in Autism  children isn’t as simple as them misbehaving, and some  tactics are actually likely to make the aggression worse.

See, Autism  children are never aggressive for no reason.

But just because they have a reason doesn’t mean that we can just ignore the aggression and hope it goes away.

Steps to Deal with Aggression in Autism Children

If you’re dealing with aggression from your Autism  child, it can be easy to feel completely defeated.

Traditional parenting strategies aren’t working.

You know that your child’s aggression isn’t their fault, but you’re also getting concerned about the safety of your other kids or those your child is hurting.

Before you can truly handle your child’s aggression in public we need to check  assumptions. 

Ultimately we want to stop the aggression before it happens of course, but until then we need a plan for how we will handle aggression when it happens. So how do you handle aggressive behavior with your kids

  • Hitting?
  • Kicking?
  • Scratching?
  • Pushing? 
  • Pulling Hair? 
  • These are some of my best ways to keep people safe during aggression are:
  • Separate by removing other people from the aggressive child
  • Redirect by directing the aggression to an object rather than a person
  • So tell me your best way to keep others safe during and outburst