Yoga therapy reduces anxiety and stress levels


Children with autism tend to experience difficulties with self-regulation or sensory integration, which refers to our ability to use and respond to both external and internal stimuli. This has adverse effects on a child’s mood and behavior. Yoga can help in this regard, as studies show that the combination of yoga poses and breathing exercises improves self-regulation and coping skills, reducing mood and behavioral problems.

Yoga therapy improves balance and stability 

Autism  children often suffer from problems with balance and stability due to limited body awareness. This is something that yoga is effective at remedying as it gets kids familiar with body parts and structured movements. Yoga therapy helps kids develop a greater sense of body awareness and control, especially when the poses involve both proprioceptive.

Yoga therapy reduces anxiety and stress levels

Because of impaired sensory integration, children with autism often experience high levels of stress and anxiety.

Yoga is widely recognized for its efficacy in helping lower stress and anxiety,