Autism Sleep Issues

 Sleep problems are very common in children with autism. With my own son, Brad, I struggled with getting him to sleep in his own bed through the night for 8 years. Using  techniques though, I was finally able to establish a step-by-step procedure that resulted in him sleeping through the night consistently in his own bed and not sleeping on couch 

Every night, despite giving Brad his medication . and letting him fall asleep in his own bed, he would wake up. He sometimes would be up for hours. And oftentimes he would run into our room and climb into our bed and fall back to sleep. Sometimes I try not to close his door until he fall asleep. Sure to close his door right after he fall asleep so that he can stay asleep because he does here everything and anything. Brad life, his sleeping me and my husband pattern  every single night. One of the first pieces of advice was for me to lock our bedroom door at night. This prevented Brad  from just barging in and jumping in our bed. I explained to Brad  that the door would be locked and he would need to knock. I also explained that he would get a special reinforcement for staying asleep in his own bed and for waking up alone in his bed in the morning.