6 Stages journey of Every Parent with Autism Child


1 The Diagnosis Stage

The Diagnosis Stage is the first stage in every parent’s autism journey because of course it starts with learning that your child is autism.

2 The Discovery Stage 

And I’ll be honest this is the stage that most parents struggle with in this your focus on becoming the expert for autism.

3 The Accommodation Stage

The Accommodation Stage comes next, and it’s all about meeting those needs that you uncovered in the Discovery Stage

4 The Success Stage

This stage is where most parents and professionals try to jump to.So I’m going to remind you again it’s incredibly important that you move though these stages

5 The Advocacy Stage

This is where you take all of the knowledge and experience you’ve gained in the previous stages, and you use that to educate others and help them to help your child. The advocacy stage is exactly as it sound 

6 The Ally Stage

So the final stage on the parent of an autism journey is.

The Ally Stage is where parents of autism children join together with-advocates so that they can have a bigger impact on creating a better society for all.

So everyone if you go though all these stage you can do it with me and everyone else