Understanding, Diagnosis, Behavior, Actually Autistic



One of the reasons it seems like everyone is autistic these days is that kids are getting diagnosed earlier and earlier. Part of this is because there has been a massive push in the last few years for “early autism diagnosis”. You want to get your child diagnosed as early as you possibly can. Basically,


Is he high or low functioning?” It happens almost every time without fail. I’m talking to a mom at the park or a grocery store clerk. I mention that A-Man is autistic because it naturally fits the conversation, and immediately the question comes. “High or low functioning?” What an odd question to ask a stranger.                                                                                                                                   


What is autism? And what is just behavior?  How do I know where the line is between accepting my autistic child as they are, while not letting them do whatever they want just because they’re autistic? Where exactly is the line between the behavior that kids do—because spoiler alert kids misbehave—and the behavior that’s directly     

                               Actually Autistic

Being Autistic is a journey in itself. Here I’ll share about life as someone who is #actuallyautistic