Inspiration Story


 Our son Ian is a high-functioning person with autism, and taking care of him and watching him mature has been part of my life’s work.

He is now 33, and still happily lives at home. He has been successful in school, having graduated from a community college in Connecticut, and at work.
Our family’s first idyllic summer vacation spot was Cape Cod, Mass. It was the site of growth and maturity for Ian. Cape Cod was where Ian perfected his love of gross motor sports such as walking, swimming and biking; and his love of travel and exploring.

One of my favorite photos of Ian, framed on top of our entertainment center here in Florida, is a photo of him that I took in Cape Cod. He is standing barefoot on a breakwater near our resort in Dennis port. Wearing shorts and a green polo shirt, Ian is peering down at the water, which is at near-high tide, the water almost lapping at his feet. What is this 7-year-old looking at? What is going through his mind? Part of being a parent is not being able to answer all the questions that come rushing to our minds.

“The experience of going to Cape Cod was awesome,” said Ian. “We got to eat some outstanding food and we enjoyed various outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking and swimming in Nantucket Sound, the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Cod Bay and kettle ponds.”

For Ian, traveling and eating in new places have been an important part of his life. And his parents’ lives too.
Written by, By Arthur Henick