Sleep problems in autism,


Sleep problems in autism does anyone else have a problem are issues 

So my boy go to bed but it’s so hard for him to stay a sleep 

A good night’s rest isn’t guaranteed for anyone, but it is downright elusive for many people with autism. Individuals on the spectrum often have trouble falling and staying asleep.

And that may worsen certain features of their condition, such as repetitive behaviors, which can, in turn, make sleeping even more difficult.

Given this disruptive feedback loop, sleep problems are among the most urgent concerns for families grappling with autism. But so far, this also happens to be among other family including myself aspects of autism 

So What types of sleep problems you struggle with 

with my son autism?he cannot stay asleep đź’¤ still get up early 

Because most people with autism tend to have insomnia: It takes them an average of 11 minutes longer than typical people to fall asleep, and many wake up frequently during the night. Please share our website

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