We are that Parent of Brad


My Advice to Parents that have a child Diagnosed with autism

What would you say to a parent that has a child that has just been diagnosed with autism? You’ve not along I been there. What did you need to hear?

When I walked out of Brad appointment I felt every single emotion possible. We waited for seven + years to get that appointment at John Hopkin all children. The day came. The appointment happened. We got the same diagnosis that we get back at the  Pediatric Neurology in Orlando I left. I cried. Everything was immediately different yet exactly the same. I was not the same woman that walked through the front door. I  become an Autism mom. A special needs parent. I had a label. I was immediately different from other parents.

It took me and my husband year to be able to say my son has autism to other people. I felt like I was letting him down. 
 My Advice to Parents that have a diagnosed child
Get Ready For A Fight
Never, Ever Give Up Hope You are not alone