Can Parents do ABA Therapy at Home?


Changing behavior (used to be called behavior modification) using positive reinforcement; applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a teaching method used to help children with autism learn to their full potential.

we may you involved with a child with autism one term I am sure you are familiar with through your knowledge, skill, and experience is ABA Therapy. Unfortunately this term comes with a large order of questions. What is ABA Therapy? Do you need to take your child into a specialist center for this type Does your child need an ABA Therapist? Is ABA Therapy something you can perform at home? This last question is one that is regularly asked and the good news is that the answer is “yes”. As a mother we need more insurance to cover these kind of therapy that may benefits our litter one you please share your though 

If you are to try some techniques from home I would encourage you to explore and educate yourself with the different approaches, ideas, and teachings that are used in performing ABA Therapy. Focus on:

  • Prompting
  • Shaping
  • Task Analysis
  • Functional Behavioral Analysis
  • Functional Communication Training 
  • Using positive and negative reinforcement

  • Positive reinforcers are something that you like or want which is given to you after you present a specific desired behavior. 
  • What is to be done, what is causing “the behavior 
  • What is done because of the Antecedent, what “they” do
  •  What is causing the behavior to continue, what reinforces it