To all Wife and All Special Needs Mothers

 To all the  wives, the girlfriends, Dad, and the mothers:

We haven’t said these three simple words often enough…

From the moment one, mother’s of our children, we watch as you push grief to the side and take the lead at the moment of diagnosis.


Not you, though. You’ll never give up.

we carried this baby in your belly, so when the only way is through, we’ve already seen how you persevere.

When the stress is overwhelming, the challenges are all consuming, and there’s no easier answers.

In those awful moments, our hearts ache . Tears are agonizing for us. Your grief stays in our thoughts, even when we leave for the office or the driving to work.

We see you frustrated.

Having a child of special needs. Having to take on roles unfamiliar and unexpected. Being the first to sacrifice.

We see you crying, screaming, fighting.

Standing across from us, in the real life moments that no one else can understand.

The meltdowns.

The fights.

The disagreements. click on link for more