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A few years ago, I created a space…a space that I needed. A space for families like mine to come together online. We chat, laugh, cry, and support each other. It’s called livebeyondautism follow group on Facebook. Instagram

Janelle Lopez story

I just read your blog. My kid is very active and love music, just like yours. 

We did very well with the hurricane.  So, here are my tips:
Because dad cover all the windows (kind of early) we kept the doors open, so she did not feel the enclosure. 
We make sure her tablet, phones and any extra betteries were fully charged; but more importantly, we downlodad her favorite shows from Netflix in her tablet, and had great offline content from youtube in all the phones (including the old ones).
Snacks, not too sweet, ei. Hot dogs, crackers, hispanic sunsages can. 
Coloring and reading books, were a great help.

I hope this can help, though it might be repetitive.

God bless,

Ms Lopez