This morning was very challenging for me

This morning was very challenging for me, with my son it can be difficult when you’re faith is tested especially when you have a busy schedule to manage and juggle several tasks and responsibilities. Which can be overwhelming at times. It was very difficult to wake him up, dressing and preparing breakfast before my own shower to ensure timely school drop-off and work commencement . It's very  important for me to remember that moments like these can be opportunities for growth and resilience. Trusting in my faith can help me navigate through uncertainties and embrace changes in my life, even when I'm unsure of the outcomes. Driving to work on the highway, I had to turned my car around because I was second guessing myself, if I had left either lights or the stove on. When I arrived home,  everything was okay no lights or stove left on, To ensure a smooth transition back to work after being stuck in traffic, I will put everything aside and focus on my job because there is no margin for error in the nature of healthcare role. Upon reaching the office, I must immediately get settled and prepare for my duties as a healthcare professional, there can be no distractions or mistakes since lives are at stake. Once I arrive at work, it is crucial that I give my undivided attention to providing excellent care to our patients while putting all personal matters aside. Challenging situations test our faith and require us to persist through difficulties. By doing so, we showcase our ability to overcome any hurdles that come our way. By relying on my beliefs, I am able to navigate challenging situations and embrace change with an open mind, regardless of the outcome.