Autism and Sleep

Dear mom with kids 

Autism and Sleep: How to Get a Child with Autism to Sleep

Autism and sleep is a hot topic in the special needs community. In fact, I once read that more than 50% of children with autism struggle with sleep disturbances of some kind. 

Autism and sleep patterns

Most families with small children not just autism experience some form of sleep disturbances due to sleep regressions, teething, sicknesses, night terrors, and potty training.

This is a fact for me Brad have difficulties falling asleep 

So children on the autism spectrum, on the other hand, tend to have difficulties falling and staying asleep, and they often sleep LESS than their neurotypical peers. Feelings of anxiety, and sensory processing issues.

So, how do you improve the amount and quality of your child’s sleep

How to Get a Child with Autism to Sleep

If autism and sleep is a challenge in your household, the first thing you want to do is try to figure out WHY. Does your child have sensory issues? Does he/she suffer from night terrors? Does he/she have gastrointestinal discomfort? 

Make sleep a priority

Whether your child has developmental delays, or just struggles to get a decent night of sleep, one of the best things you can do is to prioritize sleep.

I have to set time for my son for eg bedtime is 8pm 🕗 fall asleep around 8:30  

Be consistent

As tempting as it is to let loose and let go of rules and schedules on weekends and holidays, research shows that children thrive best when they are on a consistent schedule. 

Remove sensory distractions

For me I removed the distraction from Brad room so he stay asleep 💤 

So If your child is sensitive to external stimuli, like light, sounds, and textures, take steps to remove them from his sleep environment

Get help

If all else fails and your child simply cannot get enough restorative sleep, ask for help. I’m serious. Sleep plays such an important role not only in our children’s well-being, but in our ability to be good parents, so don’t be afraid to talk to your physician 👩‍⚕️ 

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