Is There Medication for Autism

 Medication for Autism Spectrum Disorder

There are two FDA approved medications for autism which include Ariprozaol or Abilify and Risperidone or Risperdal. These medications have indications for treating severe mood, irritability, severe aggression, and self-injury. Medications should never be a standalone treatment for someone with autism. It should always be a package as part of the package of treatments that an individual is receiving which can include ABA therapy, changes in multivitamins, diet changes, as well as other interventions or medications. It is also important for parents and families to understand the time and data necessary to understand a medicine is working, it will normally take consistent administering and a correct dosage of a medication to see significant changes.For us we have try several different medication 💊 that should work for Brad but the end of all trying some of the medication cause him to feel bad, aggressive and staring at the wall. But because of his  ADHD we are done trying and just see what medication 💊 work for his ADHD because there’s no medication for autism but there’s medication to control his outburst. As I mentioned before, is an FDA approved drug typically used for symptoms including severe aggression. Let me know what your input on medication 💊