Reality of severe Autism.

 I could tell you that I’ve lied awake countless night worrying about my son and his future. I could tell you I haven’t slept through the night in 9 years.  I’ve developed an anxiety. one thing for sure I’ve not lost weight. I gain weight instead.I am so scared of so many thing for the sake of my son not just him also my daughter at times I just breakdown. I worry about who will love him and care for him like me and my husband do. I worry about what is going to happen to him when I can no longer provide care for him when he get older. I’ve even beat myself up for not knowing what to do 

Brad has ability to do things. He is very much verbal and love to dance . He looks normal like any other kids. But the reality is he has never made a friend he think everyone is his friend the good and the bad. He has never been invited to a birthday party or a play date from other kids. His disability isn’t fatal. Hopefully live his life to the fullest. But he will most likely never move out or live on his own. Not sure about driving a car.This is my reality of severe Autism.

A morning routine for Brad with Autism

Form the moment Brad wake up and getting him out the door in the morning is a big challenge for me. For kids with authism mental health or learning difficulties, it can be even get harder. Brad is on the spectrum  with ADHD  behavior play a big part for me in the morning issues may with following instructions or focusing on what needs to get done.During the school year, i cry sometimes it's so hard for me as a parent. Getting Brad out the door Monday through Friday is a killer.

Just about everyone hates getting up in the morning. They  rather be snuggled up in your bed sleeping  raring to go with the responsibilities of the day? It’s pretty obvious which one sounds a bit more relaxing, but everyone has to get up at some point.

So tell me me 

What your morning routine might look like

What your kiddo with ASD’s morning routine might look like

My Mornings don’t have to be chaotic.