having kids with autism


Having a child with Autism can impact on various aspects of family lives are affected including housekeeping, finances, emotional and mental health for parents, marital relationships, physical health of family members, limiting the response to the needs for your kids within the family, 

sometime poor sibling relationships, relationships with extended family, friends and neighbors. Children with autism face a variety of challenge that can significantly negatively impact on parent and family functioning Also, it can create significant stress throughout all family members. social and communication deficits effect on total family members. 

Emotionally and financially the families of autistic children become exhausted. ASD can evidently have a potential impact on the child and the functioning of whole family. 

Children with autism are identified as problems on mothers’ anxiety and depression.The relationship between stress and behavior problems of children with Autism are appears to be reciprocally related such that elevated child behavioral problems lead to increases in parental stress. 

Parenting stress is not only an increase in behavior problems it also has an adverse effect on the outcomes of behavioral. There are some important factors which are associated with parental stress in children with autism, including feelings of loss of personal control, absence of spousal support, informal and professional support. Adjustments to the reality of the child’s condition, housing and finance are some of the other factors that influence parental stress.

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