Autism and Friendship With other Children



Autism and friendships why it’s important 

Making and keeping friends can be difficult for a child on the autism spectrum, but autism and friendship don’t have to be an impossible pairing.

Meaning friendship of all kinds are important for children with autism, as are learning tools that can help these relationships grow and develop. The benefits of socialization include helping children relate to their peers and self-confidence. Making friends is also a way to practice social skills and put them to use.

why friendships are key for children on the autism spectrum, here are some tips that other parents and caregivers can use to help.

For children with autism, establishing friendship skills is a therapeutic lesson as much as a life lesson. 

all children want to feel accepted by their peers. By making friendship-

what can make it so hard for children on the spectrum to make friends in the first place. They might not know how to start or continue conversations, and they often have difficulty picking up on social cues. Likewise, they may not feel comfortable taking part in activities or adjusting to social situations.


After all, how do autism people make friends? The same way we all do! They just need some extra support and guidance.

Children with autism aren’t all that different from other children,
Kids in general usually require adults to do some of the heavy lifting with friendships, including setting up playdates With others 

Autism and Friendship.