Autism in Girls and How It’s Different From Boys

So I just finish another class on reading the different between boys and girls with autism 

Signs of Autism Were Made for Boys

The signs of autism that we are told to watch for at early ages were primarily made for boys.

That’s not to say that autism  girls can’t or don’t act similarly to autism boys, but that sometimes they show their autism in different ways. there is  social struggles for autism children, but that particular side to autism may be more severe in boys than girls.

See, girls typically are much more social than boys, so a boy may be seen easily as autistic while a girl is labeled “shy” because her social struggles are less severe.

Autism  girls tend to have obsessions just like boys, but they’re seen as more socially appropriate, so they can be difficult to diagnose.

Their behavior isn’t any less autistic than boys, it’s simply not the stereotypical autistic traits because those traits were written for boys.

With Severe Autism, Girls Tend to Struggle More than Boys

So on the opposite side of the spectrum, when girls are more severely autism, they tend to be more severe than boys.

They are more likely to be nonverbal and act out compared to boys, which is interesting because most of the time society sees girls as quicker to develop and more mild-mannered.

It seems as though autism girls fall harder to one end of the spectrum while boys tend to be all over the map.

Again, this makes me wonder how much of this is because the spectrum was designed around autistic boys.

Life with my Autism boy

Here’s the thing, family… I don’t have an autistic daughter, at least, but I have autism ADHD boy

So I can give facts and thoughts and opinions, but I can really share what it’s like living life with an autism boy.

I decided to share a few that you may want to check out if you have an autistic child  and want more real-life experience from mama’s!

Is Girls on the spectrum really that much different from boys? In my personal experience, yes. My son  is one of the severe end/classic autism boy .he’s very-verbal and will likely be dependent on me and his dad and sister for a lots of help o let me fix that (some help). It hasn’t always been easy in our house hold, but I remind myself that i can do it with the help of my husband 

“When it was first brought up to us with Brad diagnosis. that there is going to be some challenging and  possibility behavior  that my son  will have, I refused to listen. Every single day I pray that there will be healing he is very social. Even after his  evaluation came back as autism Spectrum ADHD anxiety I am still struggling to believe it. How social he is not only he have bad anxiety really bad the crying is a lot. Every single day I am hoping for a change  

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