A recovery plan for pandemic learning losses


The return to school will look a little different this year after a year filled with uncertainty and new routines. While you may be returning to a more typical school year, the transition away from established pandemic guidelines may present challenges, and we may have to remain flexible about changes in guidelines throughout the school year. 

COVID-19 relief package passed in March of this year, includes $3 billion in dedicated funding for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) programs. The $3 billion allocated to IDEA will go a long way in easing the financial burdens felt by schools and helping them meet their service to students with autism and other disabilities.

Talk to your school leadership about the funding your district received as part of this plan and how they will be using it to help your child make up for disrupted learning or lost skills over the last school year.

Don’t forget as a parents you have the right to call a meeting with your child’s IEP team to discuss how your child’s goals will change in order to make up for lost time, or a regression in skills, knowledge or behavior. Prepare for the meeting by writing out how you feel the pandemic impacted your child’s education, as well as things the team may be able to do to help get back on track. As your child’s go back to school meet with IEP team, you can be your child’s advocate to help focus on recovering any lost skills or learning that your child experienced with the pandemic.

It is important to be realistic and remember that despite all your best efforts, change may not happen immediately. It will take time for your child to readjust to school and regain some of their lost. But patience and collaboration with the IEP team, in time your child can continue making progress toward reaching their full potential.  I am working on this for Brad because the school get funding 

If you need additional information and resources help you prepare, check out my website at www.livebeyondautism.com am here to help in anyway