Brad very first plane ride


Traveling with your family can be fun. If you’re going far, you may decide to take an airplane. You may feel scared about flying in a plane. But it’s safe and really cool! My routine for Brad very first ride 

Here’s what happens when you fly on an airplane with my boy that have autism . 

1 Getting to the airport on time . 

2 Checking in. Once you get to the airport, you check in for your flight. You give your name, 

3. Going through security. Once you have your boarding pass 

4. Going to the gate and waiting for your flight. Now it’s time to go to the gate. 

5. Boarding (getting on) the plane. When your plane is ready, the airport worker makes an announcement over the loud speaker. You get in line 

6. Finding your seat. Your seat number is on your boarding pass. 

7. Finding the bathroom. The bathroom on the plane is smaller than you bathroom at home. 

8. Getting ready for takeoff. Flight attendants are on the plane to help take care of you during the flight. 

9. During the flight.You can read, color, play with small toys or even use a phone or tablet while you’re flying. Your phone or tablet has to be in airplane mode — your mom or dad can help you with that. 

10. Landing. The pilot and flight attendants tell you when it’s time to land. You put your toys away for landing and make sure your seatbelt is buckled. After you land, you may have to wait a few minutes to get off the plane.  This was Brad 1th flight and I have to go though these steps with him because it’s is hard for autism ADHD child to stay focus #autism #travelingwithkids #theflightattendant #livebeyondautism