Autism awareness important


Why is Autism awareness important?

There are many reasons, but to for me it’s very  important.

I am the mom to a eight-year-old little boy who happens to be autism ADHD.

Before my son, I had no idea what autism was. Sure… I had heard of it, here and there, but I couldn’t tell you what it meant. I wouldn’t have seen the signs.

When my son’s autism was discovered, everything suddenly changed.

I began to researched  everything I could.

The truth is you can read a lot about autism on the internet. You will find charts and studies and articles from doctors. The thing is…those aren’t the things that I used to understand autism.

 I read stories. Ask a lot of question. But my  8 years old though me a lot  into our journey with autism, while I am no expert, now I understand why it is so important for the world to understand autism.