Finding Livebeyondautism


Welcome to Finding Livebeyondautism .

My mission has always been to show the beauty in severe autism and build a safe community for families to share the unique challenges of parenting a special needs child as well as celebrate the unique joys.

I started blog before on food travel tip but this one is different Brad was diagnosed with autism. At that time, i just need to think now as I go I just needed to write. I needed to get the words and feelings out.

Over time, this website evolved into an amazing community of parents, teachers, therapists, grandparents and caregivers that are looking to find support, encouragement, a safe space to vent and above all…hope.

If you follow us, you will find pieces of the beautiful parts of our world – My absolutely beautiful children, all two of them and my wonderful, our journey with verbal, severe autism, raising kids, marriage, love and life. You also can inbox I have been there now am trying to find my way be blessed